Sunday, October 26, 2008

Memories through the Lens

Do you ever set down to look through old pictures at the holidays? Every year about this time I drag out a shoe box filled with old photos and albums that have seen better days and revisit times when things were different, the kids were little, Grandma and Grandpa were still with us and life seemed a little less crazy. Photos of family and friends, those special people who always seem to make the season brighter, are so cherished. Since the invention of digital pictures we've got a way from photographs carefully placed behind plastic protectors and have opted for flash drives, hard drives and external disc storage so our memories are just a click a way. Even so, I found myself going through last year's photos last night. This next series of photos are from last Christmas Eve which fell on a Sunday. I'd like to introduce you to Sweet Linda Charlene - my sister-in-law / sister by choice with the Royal Princes, Adam on the left and Lucas on the right.

Linda has a God-given talent for seeing things through the lens of a camera that ordinary folks like me never see. I say God-given because when I look at her work I usually can't find words to describe its beauty. To capture the heart and essence of someone and memorialize it forever is no easy task. Last CHRISTmas when Linda and Ann (my Mother-in-law and second Mom) spent the holiday with us, Sweet Linda brought her camera. After church on CHRISTmas Eve morning, she took my boys and her camera and went to work making CHRISTmas magic. The end result was a beautiful gift of CHRISTmas memories for me to cherish forever....

Sweet Linda getting some royal sugar!

Baby Prince with his sweet Aunt 'Da

This IS my ALL-TIME favorite picture of my Royal Princes. When I look at this picture the essence of who my children are shine through to me. This photo sits on my desk in a full 8x10 glossy everyday. This was taken behind our home in NC on one of the nature trails. I really dig black & white portraits. If I'm lucky Sweet Linda will snap some new shots at Thanksgiving. One just might find its way in to my CHRISTmas cards.

A Mother's pride and joy! Two young men of might & valor!

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."

(Psalm 127:3 NLT)

Find some time this season to dig out your old photos. Revisit times when things were different. Reacquaint yourself with CHRISTmas' past as you anticipate CHRISTmas present.
May God bless and favor you today!

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