Saturday, October 25, 2008

A New Twist on Tradition

62 Days and counting! I spent the morning reviewing my decorating plan room by room. Last year I put up 10, yes 10 CHRISTmas trees! Yeah, I know. I am a little crazy about this time of year. I am going to practice restraint this year so I've decided to put up only 6! But they will all be full size trees. I usually start in the family room. This year I want to "freshen" my decor by adding a punch of lime green. I've noticed that lime is very popular in CHRISTmas decorations this year. Every where I go I see this color featured. I decided to take a trip to my favorite store for home accents - the Black Lion - for some idea gathering and inspiration. Here I am in their florist shop in Charlotte previewing their handiwork. I love the design team at this location. Very elegant.
Lime green complements brown and copper beautifully. I currently use brown, gold and copper in the family room. It will be any easy job introducing this fresh, fun color in to the decor. Next week I will be painting my family room a lovely muted shade of mossy green. Oh, I've had this planned for awhile but have just been reluctant to get started. With the holidays quickly approaching it looks like I better make quick work of the three walls. The paint color is called Caraway Shield and it has golden undertones. This garland would look beautiful draped around our white mantel.
Here is a full view of the garland. I love the way they have featured pheasant feathers and brown and gold ribbon. Anyone out there have a quick and easy way to tie CHRISTmas bows? Where is my good friend Teresa Hamm when I need her???

A coordinating wreath is just the thing to tie the whole look together. All we need now is the tree! I took a trip to Old Time Pottery the other day and found some great lime green glittery ornaments and lime velvet ribbon to add to my tree. I spent less than $20 and have the beginnings of a new twist to my traditional family room tree.
Here is a shot of an over head display featuring lime, gold and silver ornaments. With this over head I felt like I was walking in a Winter Wonderland. I think I have in mind my game plan for our family room. I plan to disassemble the "Great Pumpkin Patch" on November 1st. Once Halloween is over, I am ready to undertake the job of adding holiday panache to ever room. In order to accommodate the CHRISTmas tree we will have to rearrange some furniture. That's a job for Prince Charming. Yes, I admit it. I use a pre-lite artificial tree in this room. It is a 10' downward swept Frasier Fir and it is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product! I just love it when a plan comes together!

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