Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come on Over to Carolina Panache!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas time! Another year is upon us and we are getting ready to ring in the New Year. Now that Christmas is past, I will be posting on my site http://CarolinaPanache.blogspot.com.
This site is all about adding panache to your home one room at a time. Come on over. Today is Tablescape Tuesday and we are having a party! Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting!

Friday, December 26, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

CHRISTmas 2008 is now past. What an incredible year it has been!
So much change, so many new friends, wonderful memories
and milestones with dear friends, so many blessings!
My Faith, Family and Friends - I am so thankful for all of them.
I can't wait to see what God is going to do in 2009!
So as another year comes to a close I thought I would tour one last room
before I pack it away until next year. I decided on a new color scheme for our bedroom
sometime around October this year - slate blue, gold, taupe and black.
That meant we had to scramble to get everything - painting, new moulding, new bedding - completed before CHRISTmas decorations could go up. The new decor turned out beautifully. The room is so warm and inviting! This is a picture our bed. On the last day before the Open House I decided to add a little garland and bows to dress up the bed. See the little miniature stockings? These little things are so cute - the perfect touch of whimsy for the bedroom. I actually found these stockings at my local grocery store - Harris Teeter. I think they were intended for gift cards but you could use them for so many things!
To attached the garland I simply twisted two longer stems around the base of the
finial and completed the look by tying two over sized velvet bows from
slate blue ribbon edged in silver braid.
The bows added just enough elegance.

This year I placed a full sized, slim pine in the Master Suite. I called it the BUBBLE TREE because I used all clear glass ball ornaments. When the light would shine through the ornaments they looked like bubbles with an iridescent glow - really pretty! I wired in sheer blue ribbon and finished the look with more miniature stockings all in ANIMAL PRINT.

Here is a close up shot of the tree ornaments and stockings. I really liked the way the tree looked so light and airy. I also tucked in silver painted Elm leaves and champagne colored floral picks among the branches. The result was quite elegant - probably my favorite tree this year and the new bedroom color scheme has inspired me to add touches of slate blue in other rooms of the house. So check me out at http://carolinapanache.blogspot.com
where I will feature home decor ideas, do-it-yourself projects and tips and techniques for arranging furntiure, accessories and floral display.
Find out how easy it is to add panache to every room of your home! BEAUTY does not have to cost alot of MONEY.
I have a small sitting area in my bedroom and this year I decided to add a little holiday flair to the side table and wall. I hung a faux wreath and adorned it with pine cones and sheer ribbon that matched the tree. On the side table I placed an ANGEL all dressed in brown brocade, slate blue velvet and faux mink fur. Beside the angel is a cheetah print vase
holding two over sized blue velvet poinsettias.
This concludes my CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour.
I truly hope you have enjoyed it and have been inspired to
Color your CHRISTmas in 2009!
I'd like to thank each one that posted such encouraging
words and comments. Please visit me at
and watch for updates on my new blog http://HomestyleFlavor.blogspot.com

Monday, December 22, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

Well we're back! Sorry about the delay in the house tour but I experienced some technical difficulties and blogger kept telling me my files were corrupted. The problem is now resolved - Thank you, Lord! - so let the touring resume.... I thought we would stop in the Dinning Room and check out the this year's tablescape. Every year I try something different - new color scheme, new centerpiece, new combination of table linens. The year the winning color palette was Red and Brown with touches of gold and evergreen.
I love these Shimmering Red Mesh trees. There are four total; two large and two small. I simply laid down a base of evergreen swags and tucked in pine cones edged in gold glitter paint. You can pick up the glitter paint at any craft or hobby store. I usually go to HOBBY LOBBY - love that place!

I love using RED ROSES at CHRISTmas time. Especially in the dinning room. I found the fluffy RED VELVET ROSE napkin rings at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few years ago for a VALENTINE'S 7-course Dinner that my and Bella-Mella hosted. I thought they looked good around the double napkins of Red Satin and Brown Silk.

Here is a long shot of the table. I've used gold chargers under my IVORY fine china plates. I topped them off with Charter Club's Winter Garland salad/dessert plates. I love the ornament motif.
You just can't have CHRISTmas dinner without candle lights - lots of candles!!
I used a large RED MOSAIC hurricane candle holder in the center of the table and 6 matching Mosaic votive candle holders - three on each side. I lit the candles for our Open House on Saturday and the table just glowed. It really was beautiful - so warm.

Here is a better shot of the china. I have paired it with all cut Crystal glassware. I like to mix and match my tableware. It's much more interesting than when everything matches. My glasses are from two different patterns and the parfait cup introduces a third.
Later tonight I will post a tour of the Mater Suite and a tour of trees upstairs and that will complete our 2008 House Tour.
See you then!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

Welcome Back! We continue our holiday house tour today. We've been touring room by room since Monday so be sure to scroll all the way down to visit the other rooms. Today we are going to stop by the kitchen. This room is truly the heart of the home. This kitchen will be busy and fully functioning through the holidays but we still found time and room to add a little holiday cheer. Let's take a look. I love to decorate with fresh fruit and candy especially in the kitchen. This year I used a three-tiered stand to display RED Delicious apples, bright GREEN Granny Smiths and Florida TANGERINES! I clipped springs from our FRASER Fir tree and tucked them among the fruit for added flair. Oh it smells so nice! I used a cedar and berry topiary on either side of the stand. These were a steal on a clearance sale a couple of years ago. Underneath I've used a table runner that looks like CHRISTmas presents. It has all the same colors as the fruit. I have this sitting in the center of my kitchen island. It makes such an easy yet showy centerpiece.
Hard candy is another decorating favorite of mine. Here I simply lined a clear glass cylinder vase with Peppermint Candy Canes and filled the center with round Hot Cinnamon candies. Somehow I defaulted to a SNOWMAN theme in the kitchen so this little guy was placed to guard my candy canes from sticky fingers! I don't think he has done a good job. I believe I see two canes missing!!! Hmmmm?

This is the Pub Table in the breakfast area. Since this area is used for everything from homework to eating to my infamous coupon clipping I have kept it rather low-key for now. But come next week it will be decked out in royal splendor. This is where we will have our CHRISTmas breakfast. Prince Charming - Douglas - will be making homemade pancakes - I'm not talking a boxed mix, no sir. These pancakes are to die for! Last year we had them at Thanksgiving - we get our choice of fresh blueberry, banana pecan or French Vanilla. I think I will opt for the Banana Pecan with maple syrup. Yummy! See these cute SNOWMAN plates? I found these at a HOME GOODS store. I love the soft colors and the light blue background add a fresh new color to my scheme.

Here is a closer look at those plates. I really like the way the ruffled edge of the red placemat frames the plates. This year I double layered my placemats. Underneath the red straw mat is a moss green velvet mat. I love the way the casual red straw plays off the elegant green velvet. These little green and white polka dot napkins are too cute! I can see me using them in the Spring with a big pink Gerbera Daisy napkin ring wrapped around the folds of fabric. I might just host a garden party! Spring in North Carolina is only rivaled by Fall!

These little guys add some whimsy to my kitchen counter. I have them standing on a 5-arm candle centerpiece. I wired two cedar and berry swags at the base and then tucked in sprigs of holly and ivy. Nothing could be easier! On the two end arms I've placed some faux SNOWBALLS. Well, I hope you have enjoyed the kitchen tour.
Tomorrow we will stop in the Dinning Room and see if were set for the big day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

Merry CHRISTmas & Happy Holidays!
Today we will tour the Sunroom. This is probably my favorite room in the house. Because the room is three sides windows and provides early morning light I decided to use a color pallet of citrusy hues. Let's take a look. On the coffee table I started with a metal serving tray over a table runner of rust, orange, green and gold. The gold embroidery of the scroll-work is quite rich and festive. Perfect for the holidays. Then I added an evergreen swag of pine and cedar. Tucking in several floral picks in gold, bronze and orange makes the centerpiece pop with citrusy color. I completed the arrangement by using two metal standing reindeer on either corner of the tray and some pine cones edged in gold paint. I love all the bright colors!
We placed a real tree in the sunroom this year. Prince Charming and the Royal Princes picked this one from Fraser Ridge Farms. I LOVE the smell of fresh evergreens. The sunroom is a perfect place for a live tree. When the sun shines through the windows and warms up the space, the fresh scent spreads throughout the house. I tried something a little different this year - I tied PEARS on the branches of the tree using wired ribbon. I first tied a knot around the PEAR stem, then I tied the tails of the ribbon around a branch. In this picture you can see that the wall color in this room is a light pear green so the fresh color of pear really pops on the tree. See the little pears nestled in the branches?

Here is a close up of an arrangement I placed on the console table. Love the bronzy-rusty colored poinsettia next to the gold pine cones.

I haven't used a BOW on the top of a tree in more than 15 years but this year I found 30 feet of this fabulous ribbon at Michaels for $2.99! That was too good to pass up. So we fashioned a big, fluffy bow with 5 ribbon tails and used it on this tree. I love how it turned out. Luckily the top stem of the tree was sturdy enough to support the weight of the ribbon and bow. The stripes are orange, rust, gold, gray, and brown. A very unusual color scheme for a CHRISTmas ribbon but fresh and fun all the same.
Well that concludes the tour of the sunroom. Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we take a look in the formal dinning room and kitchen. See you soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

Family Room Decor - Fresh Greens, Gold, Silver and Ivory take center stage!
This year the family room was decked out in fresh green, gold, silver and ivory with touches of rustic brown. This is a close-up of our mantle. I started with a good quality artificial garland. I prefer one of Fraser fir. I then begin tucking in fresh cedar clipping from my trees in the backyard and magnolia leaves from our miniature magnolia. It's a wonderful thing to live in North Carolina where all of these fresh and natural materials are just outside my door. Once the basic garland was complete, I wired in glass ornaments in silver, gold and green. I finished it off with ivory velvet poinsettias. Our family stockings are gold silk with lots of embellishments and trim. This year we pinned silver monogram letters on each stocking. The mantel is probably my favorite thing this year.Here is a wide angel of the mantel which showcases two large angels. They are fashioned out of tin and they have been painted to look old and rustic. At each end of the garland I placed a pom-pom bow of brown stripe, green silk and ivory ribbon.

I used a downward swept Fraser Fir tree in the family room. Keeping with the color story, the tree is trimmed in mostly gold Angel and Cherubim ornaments which I have collected over the past 20 years. The ribbon is a fresh pear green edged in gold and I finished it off with ivory and silver glass ball ornaments.

The top of the entertainment hutch was the perfect place to display my "Holy Night" statutes. There are four pieces in the collection but I purchased two of the angels. I like odd numbers in collections - 3, 5, 7 and so on. These pieces are cold cast resin. I love the details seen in their faces, hands and clothing. This is a a close up of one angel and part of the Wise men. I placed another garland around the base and wired in clear twinkle lights, ball ornaments, green ribbon and poinsettias.

This is the entire collection. I love the way the twinkle lights cast a golden glow around this vignette. The pieces were purchased from Home Interiors a few years back and are now out of production - to bad. Everyone always wants to know where they can purchase them. At night I turn off all the house lights and just leave the CHRISTmas lights on. I love to sit on my sofa and look at the grouping and think about what a holy night it must have been. Christ JESUS - the reason for the season. The SAVIOR of the world.

CHRISTmas House Tour 2008

WELCOME! Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Holidays! Thanks for stopping by for my CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour. We will be touring all week. Today we are going to take a look in the Entry, Living Room and Family Room. I hope you enjoy the tour and that you will be inspired with ideas and tips for making all of your holiday decor merry and bright.

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than a beautiful holiday wreath. This year I decided to go big, bold and RED! I started with a blue spruce wreath and layered in fresh magnolia leaves. I have always loved Magnolia trees. When we moved to North Carolina I was so happy to see one standing in front of the house we decided to buy. It provides me with beautiful clippings year round. I wrapped a wide red velvet ribbon around the wreath and finished it off with a fluffy bow and two red floral picks - one poinsettia and one magnolia.

As you enter our foyer, I have a console table in the hall. I love to use this space to decorate for each season. I've gone with a rather understated look this year because I wanted to highlight the big black and gold mirror featured in the photo. This was a find at ROSS. I saw the same mirror in a fancy department store catalog for three times what I paid for it. I love the two kneeling gold reindeer. I found these at Old Time Pottery. Love that place! Other than the floral arrangement and the gold NOEL plaque, a Pottery Barn runner in a red print is all that was needed to welcome the holiday and our guests.

Next stop, the Living Room tree. This year I went with RED, GOLD and BROWN. A different color story than I've used before but nevertheless I liked the results. I found a red and gold floral print ribbon at - you wont believe it - LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENT store. I cut 8" lengths and tied them on the ends of the branches. This tree also features RED CARDINALS found at Michaels on clearance for 70 cents each! I'll show you a close up of them in a later post.

This is the mantel in our Living Room. I decided to place my two "Holly & Ivy" Reindeer in the center flanked on each side with the matching stocking holders. Now we're off to the FAMILY ROOM.