Thursday, December 11, 2008

CHRISTmas FUN with my SON

My son, LUCAS, goes to a WONDERFUL elementary school. The school has some time-honored holiday traditions which make the season really fun for the kids. At CHRISTmas time they have a very special holiday luncheon for the kids and parents. Today was that special event. I took along my trusty little camera to capture some holiday memories. Lucas (the one in RED) hammin' it up with some of his 4th grade pals; Timmy, Elijah, and Kenny. All of the kids were so excited. Each one was telling me about what they wanted for CHRISTmas and where they were going and who they would see. There's only 6 school days left till break and they are counting them down! The cafeteria staff goes all out to prepare a really special lunch and unlike most school cafeterias, the food is really tasty.
Here is Lucas, Elijah and Timmy waiting happily in the hallway lunch-line smiling for Mom's camera.

Cafeteria staff along with Parent volunteers work to decorate the cafeteria into a Winter Wonderland. Although it was 60 degrees today and raining outside we could feel the Arctic chill as fluffy white snowflakes and FROSTY made an appearance on the windows and walls. White icicle lights were hung from the ceiling and one of the staff, Mr. Helms, provided live entertainment as he sang holiday tunes with his Karaoke machine. Too fun! Some of the kids even sang along when he broke out in a chorus of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Each classroom provided handmade place mats with season's greetings and artwork.

We even had a special guest appearance from some of SANTA'S reindeer. It was a fun lunch and ended too soon. If you feel a little removed from the joy of CHRISTmas, go hang out with a few 4th graders. Their excitement and joy is sure to rub off!
I'm wishing you a fun and childlike joy this season.

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