Monday, December 1, 2008

A Christmas Makeover!

CHRISTmas isn't the best time to decide on a makeover for a room in your house but this mismatched and dated bedroom needed some CHRISTmas cheer! With the big day less than a month away and family and friends scheduled to descend in waves this year, we had to work fast to pull this off! While red was right in style with the season, I had grown tired of this Pottery Barn bargain and opted to add a little holiday elegance using slate blue and gold. The result was a restful, sophisticated palette that just makes you want to say "Ahhh!" Let's take a look... As you can see the walls were painted Spiced Vinegar while the focal wall was given a coat in Stony Creek. These colors really warm up the space and provide a neutral backdrop for the pops of slate blue. The new bedding set was a steal - only $45! I added a few extra toss pillows and the Euro Shams but still managed to keep the ensemble below $70.
This year I opted for a full-size tree in the bedroom. It is a slim tree. Just the right fit in front of our window. I always say that pictures never do justice to decorated trees unless of course you have all that fancy-smancy lighting equipment and as you can see I don't. But this little tree turned out so beautiful. I know it is hard to see all the details but the decorations are kept to a very neutral color scheme - soft blue, champagne, silver and clear glass. The only color or pattern used are the little cheetah print mini-stockings! Love them! They really play up the whimsy and complement the animal print accents used elsewhere in the room. Fun, fun, fun!

This really is my favorite tree so far. I have never used clear glass ball ornaments. They look like lighter-than-air bubbles resting on the tree branches. I finished the tree by tucking silvery leaves and champagne colored floral picks in the branches. They look like little wings or feathers nestled among the boughs of evergreen.

As you can see in this picture animal print is used in a variety of patterns. The common theme is the color - black and a very rich golden tan. The picture below is of a bedside table. To add a little seasonal glamour I cut the stem off a velvet poinsettia and wired the flower to a table lantern which holds a pillar candle. Just enough CHRISTmas charm to make me smile.

Well this little project was well worth the investment. Time was the biggest expense and now this room is ready to greet guests during the holidays.
Tomorrow I am going to demonstrate a little project using some old garden urns. It's amazing what a little paint can do.

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  1. Beautiful! Where on earth did you find the animal print stockings?
    So you!