Monday, December 15, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

Family Room Decor - Fresh Greens, Gold, Silver and Ivory take center stage!
This year the family room was decked out in fresh green, gold, silver and ivory with touches of rustic brown. This is a close-up of our mantle. I started with a good quality artificial garland. I prefer one of Fraser fir. I then begin tucking in fresh cedar clipping from my trees in the backyard and magnolia leaves from our miniature magnolia. It's a wonderful thing to live in North Carolina where all of these fresh and natural materials are just outside my door. Once the basic garland was complete, I wired in glass ornaments in silver, gold and green. I finished it off with ivory velvet poinsettias. Our family stockings are gold silk with lots of embellishments and trim. This year we pinned silver monogram letters on each stocking. The mantel is probably my favorite thing this year.Here is a wide angel of the mantel which showcases two large angels. They are fashioned out of tin and they have been painted to look old and rustic. At each end of the garland I placed a pom-pom bow of brown stripe, green silk and ivory ribbon.

I used a downward swept Fraser Fir tree in the family room. Keeping with the color story, the tree is trimmed in mostly gold Angel and Cherubim ornaments which I have collected over the past 20 years. The ribbon is a fresh pear green edged in gold and I finished it off with ivory and silver glass ball ornaments.

The top of the entertainment hutch was the perfect place to display my "Holy Night" statutes. There are four pieces in the collection but I purchased two of the angels. I like odd numbers in collections - 3, 5, 7 and so on. These pieces are cold cast resin. I love the details seen in their faces, hands and clothing. This is a a close up of one angel and part of the Wise men. I placed another garland around the base and wired in clear twinkle lights, ball ornaments, green ribbon and poinsettias.

This is the entire collection. I love the way the twinkle lights cast a golden glow around this vignette. The pieces were purchased from Home Interiors a few years back and are now out of production - to bad. Everyone always wants to know where they can purchase them. At night I turn off all the house lights and just leave the CHRISTmas lights on. I love to sit on my sofa and look at the grouping and think about what a holy night it must have been. Christ JESUS - the reason for the season. The SAVIOR of the world.


  1. Hi, Alisa, thanks for coming by the party & adding your link! Your home just looks stunning. love your tree & all the white..gorgeous!! You really know how to do it up right.

  2. Wow... how inspiring. Thanks for sharing your home.

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!! Your home is fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  4. What a beautiful color scheme! I love the crisp white of the Nativity. GORGEOUS! Oh that those 2 angels on the mantle! LOVE them too!

  5. HI should reprise the white Nativity scene!
    Once again, I applaud your skills!

  6. Everything is so beautiful. I love your mantel...especially the stockings!

  7. Love the white Nativity scene - it's the only one I've seen that I really really love! Your home is beautiful!