Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deocrating with Poinsettias

Poinsettias - At CHRISTmas time I can't get enough of these beautiful plants! Decorating with Poinsettias can add holiday panache to any room in your house. The poinsettia is native to Mexico and there are over 100 varieties of poinsettias available. I usually wait until the first weekend in December to purchase my live poinsettias. This ensures they stay fresh and vibrant through New Year's day. I was amazed at the selection that was available at our local farmer's market. Red, burgundy, white, yellow, pink, pale green - all of these were natural colors. Then there were purple, blue, teal, gold, silver and copper. These plants had all been spray painted. Still lovely but I prefer the natural blooms over the artificially colored. 74% of Americans prefer RED poinsettias while 8% like WHITE and 6% opt for PINK. That leaves 12% percent of Americans opting for other colors or none at all. I just love the brilliant red, snowy white and delicate pink of these natural holiday blooms. Here we see traditional red poinsettias tucked down the top of SANTA's Boots. A simple yet whimsical way to add holiday flair to any corner that needs a little color. Last year I used lots of white and pink poinsettias in my decor but this year I opted for lots of red. I tuck these lovely plants all through the house. In the entry hall I have grouped 7 plants around two small evergreen topiaries potted in metal urns. I've highlighted our family CHRISTmas pictures by placing a collage of smaller prints inside a black frame and resting it on an easel then surrounding the grouping with the brilliant red plants. In my family room I've decorated with bright green, ivory and gold so the natural choice was white poinsettias. I love how the bracts has a slight touch of green undertone. I placed three large pots of these lovely white plants on nesting tables. I love to group poinsettias in clusters for more impact. But don't bunch them up to tightly - poinsettias like their space so when decorating indoors make sure that you allow the plants room to spread out and for air flow to circulate freely. In North Carolina we can't set these plants outdoors because of the cold temperatures but when I lived in Florida I used to plant RED poinsettias in planter beds along the walk and front porch. I miss that.
For a quick hostess gift try adding a fluffy bow or ribbon to a wicker basket and sitting a plant inside. I like to place smaller poinsettias inside decorative bowls, urns and baskets and tuck them on shelves, in bookcases and on courtertops. Over $220 million worth of poinsettias are sold during the holiday season. Most (90%) of these plants got there start on the Paul Ecke Ranch in California. For information on care and how to get your poinsettias to "re-bloom" check out their website at where you will find some interesting facts and tips.

For those of you who prefer the delicate bracts of a pink poinsettia, below is a picture from the Paul Ecke Ranch website. I thought these plants were just lovely. If you decorate using a pastel or Victoria CHRISTmas theme, these beautiful poinsettias would be just the thing.

On TUESDAY I will post a CHRISTmas tour of the whole house decorated for the holidays. We are now in the last week before our OPEN HOUSE and all the decor is finally finished. All that is left to do is bake, cook, and bake some more. In the week to come I will be sharing some of our families favorite holiday recipes so visit again soon.

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  1. Beautiful.
    Can't wait to see the entire house dressed for Christmas!
    I'll link it in my post on Tuesday!