Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CHRISTmas 2008 House Tour

Merry CHRISTmas & Happy Holidays!
Today we will tour the Sunroom. This is probably my favorite room in the house. Because the room is three sides windows and provides early morning light I decided to use a color pallet of citrusy hues. Let's take a look. On the coffee table I started with a metal serving tray over a table runner of rust, orange, green and gold. The gold embroidery of the scroll-work is quite rich and festive. Perfect for the holidays. Then I added an evergreen swag of pine and cedar. Tucking in several floral picks in gold, bronze and orange makes the centerpiece pop with citrusy color. I completed the arrangement by using two metal standing reindeer on either corner of the tray and some pine cones edged in gold paint. I love all the bright colors!
We placed a real tree in the sunroom this year. Prince Charming and the Royal Princes picked this one from Fraser Ridge Farms. I LOVE the smell of fresh evergreens. The sunroom is a perfect place for a live tree. When the sun shines through the windows and warms up the space, the fresh scent spreads throughout the house. I tried something a little different this year - I tied PEARS on the branches of the tree using wired ribbon. I first tied a knot around the PEAR stem, then I tied the tails of the ribbon around a branch. In this picture you can see that the wall color in this room is a light pear green so the fresh color of pear really pops on the tree. See the little pears nestled in the branches?

Here is a close up of an arrangement I placed on the console table. Love the bronzy-rusty colored poinsettia next to the gold pine cones.

I haven't used a BOW on the top of a tree in more than 15 years but this year I found 30 feet of this fabulous ribbon at Michaels for $2.99! That was too good to pass up. So we fashioned a big, fluffy bow with 5 ribbon tails and used it on this tree. I love how it turned out. Luckily the top stem of the tree was sturdy enough to support the weight of the ribbon and bow. The stripes are orange, rust, gold, gray, and brown. A very unusual color scheme for a CHRISTmas ribbon but fresh and fun all the same.
Well that concludes the tour of the sunroom. Be sure to stop by tomorrow as we take a look in the formal dinning room and kitchen. See you soon.


  1. Everything is just stunning! I love what you've done~ you have beautiful taste! Merry Christmas!

  2. The citrus, bronze, pear green colors have to be my favorite! Beautiful tree.