Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cherry Cordials

Today's colors were RED & BROWN. So you don't think it's a traditional color scheme for CHRISTmas? What about Chocolate Covered Cherries? Well, that was my inspiration for my dinning room table decor for this season. I previewed the table on an earlier blog but I felt that it needed something. So today I decided I would play with it until I figured it out. I wanted to play off of the new window panels which are gold, brown and deep red.
The damask table cloth is red with a subdued gold and brown thread woven together to make the pattern. I picked the table cloth up at Marshalls for $6.99!! I tried several napkin rings but settled on these big velvet roses. What better to couple with chocolate than roses??? I doubled my napkins - a ruby red satin and a brown herringbone-weave silk. Both came from Home Goods. I love the way the gold charger and ivory china plate present an elegant background to display the napkin.

Here is a close-up shot. You can see how the brown napkin plays up the brown thread in the tablecloth. So pretty.

For now I am using two small urns filled with velvet roses. As CHRISTmas approaches, I will replace these with fresh red roses and magnolia leaves from the tree in my front yard.

I placed the salad plate on a stand just for this picture. I wanted you to see the color and detail. All the colors used on the table - red, brown, gold and green are pulled together in the salad plate. Tomorrow I am moving to the family room. The tree is up but not decorated. I like to let my artificial trees "relax" for a day or two before I begin to decorate them. This allows the branches to settle and spread out. The family room will take a couple of days to complete so check again on Saturday for the "tour". What's on deck for tomorrow's blog? A FASHIONABLE HOLIDAY. Join me as I piece together a holiday wardrobe for everything from a Cookie Exchange to a formal CHRISTmas dinner....


    Love ya lots!
    AKA Bella~Mella in blogland

  2. Hi, Alisa, your friend Melanie sent me over to see your house & how about that, we've already met! You're really getting a big headstart on decorating for Christmas. WOW! I haven't even started bringing my boxes down from the attic yet. I'll probably wait until Thanksgiving week to get it going. Looking forward to seeing all of yours decked out too!