Monday, November 3, 2008

Golden Inspiration - From Thanksgiving to CHRISTmas

Whew! Last week was hectic. Two parties, play practice, cantata practice, a Fall Festival, and Halloween! Not much time for bloggin'. I don't think I had an evening off last week. I woke up this morning and it hit me - less than two months to go. CHRISTmas is only 52 days away! I began packing fall away and clearing Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin Patch to make way for the Colors of CHRISTmas! This warm and welcoming entry just captured my eye. No this is not my house but I think I might be able to imitate that beautiful golden glow. Don't you love gold? I mean the color not necessarily the stuff in Ft. Knox. Although a little of that this time of year would go a long way. Last week I took off with camera in hand to find some inspiration. I was looking for ideas to spice up my November decor. Gold is a great color for holiday decorations, especially if you decorate early (like some people I know) because it carries you through Thanksgiving right up to CHRISTmas! Deer hunting in North Carolina is such a popular pastime in November that the bronze deer grazing by this entry looks stylish and timely. Carrying the golden theme throughout the whole house adds sophistication and elegance not to mention ease. Nothing looks more elegant to me than a lovely evergreen bedecked with silver and gold CHRISTmas ball ornaments. Varying the size of the ornaments adds interest and keeps the eye moving around the tree. This color palette is soft and neutral enough that you won't get tired of it before New Years Day.

Here's a shot of some quaint little stockings. Different enough that every person has their own unique style but similar enough to add holiday panache to your mantle.

Here's another GREAT idea! Simply tuck sprigs of evergreens in your china cabinet or curio and display your favorite serving platters or a collection of antique silver. This picture has inspired me to display some pretty pewter pieces in a large plate rack that I found at a garage sale. It's going to get a coat of black paint and a little distressing and it will be ready to go. Visit again to see the finished project.

I love setting my formal dining table with festive tablescapes year-round. The fall and CHRISTmas in when my creativity is at it's best. This opulent place setting looks fit for a KING! Try sitting a place at your table this year for the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS! Invite Him to come into your life, your heart and your home. That's really the reason for the season!


  1. That is your dining room table with the white turkey, isn't it? LOVE the white!

  2. hey Alisa,
    I love your blog. you can visit my blog even though it isnt as nice as yours its

  3. Mel, I am glad you like it. Yes, the white Thanksgiving tablescape is my dinning room table. Most people don't think of white for Thanksgiving but I had the white ceramic turkey and well everything else just fell into place...white dishes, white linens. The magnolia leaves are from the tree in my front yard.