Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sisters, Sisters, Don't come between me and my Sisters!

Meet Amy and Christina. These two lovely, godly ladies are my sisters. Not by birth but rather by re-birth through our faith in Christ Jesus. I was thinking of that old classic holiday movie White Christmas starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen. Well the ladies play the part of sisters and during the movie they sing a song about sisters. Do you remember the song??? "Sisters, sisters, don't come between me an my sisters -----God help the mister that comes between me and my sister and God help the sister that comes between me and my man." A catchy song and tune and after all these years and many "re-runs" I still recall the scene, the song and the sisters. I was born into an earthly family with all boys. Two older brothers and two younger brothers but no sisters. How I longed for a sister as I was growing up. Somehow I just thought my life would be better in some way if I had a sister. But for whatever reason God gave me brothers.
Now, meet Lenora, Ann, Gayle and Judy. These ladies are truly sisters. Beautiful ladies inside and out. Good friends as well as sisters. Gayle (white blouse) is also my "Mama Pastor" or rather my Pastor's Wife. Ann is my partner in crime. Well not really crime but we both have a PASSION for hospitality, decorating and entertaining. Judy is my choir buddy and Lenora is my wonderful, beautiful friend of triplets who ALWAYS has a smile on her face! How she does that and keeps up with triplets plus another son is beyond me but she manages!
Say hello to Livian and Teddie. More sisters!!! Teddie is always the life of the party and can manage to make me laugh even when I don't want too. Livian (Lenora's mom-in-law) is another choir buddy and maker of "out of this world" hot dog chili, BBQ sauce, you name it - she can probably cook it! Love them! Faithful women of God.

This is Shelley, Ashley and Diane. Even more sisters! Shelley and Diane are actually sisters and Ashley has been "unofficially" adopted as Shelley's daughter. You should hear these ladies' testimonies! God is a good God!

This is Paula (a.k.a Donna - LOL) and Amy. Another set of "real" sisters but also more of my sisters! So why all the bloggin' about sisters? Today, I was thinking about blessings and family and friends and God's eternal goodness and thought about my sisters. Ladies whom I worship with each week. Ladies who I work beside when there is a need. Ladies who are wonderful examples of the Shulamite Bride - the bride that is in a covenant relationship with the Bridegroom. Women of faith that are beautiful because of who they are in Christ, because of the covenant they have made to be faithful, to love only the Bridegroom, to wait patiently until he comes. As we approach the CHRISTmas season make sure you let all of your sisters, either by birth or marriage and by faith, know you LOVE them. Let them know they are beautiful and don't be afraid to tell them how they make your life better. Oh, I also have been blessed with two sisters when I married Prince Charming; Teresa (Momma TT) and Linda Charlene. Then after what seemed to take forever, my brothers were actually lucky enough to find some wonderful ladies to marry. God has also given me one especially close sister - Bella-Mella. Another PK born into a family of brothers and no sisters.
Now I have 5 family sisters, 1 special G0d-given sister by choice and scores of faith sisters!
Ladies, I love you all! May this season be as bright and beautiful as each of you.


  1. And I love you too!! Sis! I thank God for bringing you into my life. Cant wait to see you either. Yes it is at my house. I love you! Tell Prnce Charming and the little princes I love them too!

  2. Hey Sistah-Friend! I love the movie White Christmas, too.
    "She wore the dress and I stayed home."