Friday, November 7, 2008

Shop till You Drop...Just do it Comfortably!

Okay ladies, we have 47 days 'til CHRISTmas! That's NOT a lot of time!
You know what that means...POWER SHOPPING! And you just have to be comfortable when you shop. If your feet hurt, it ruins your whole shopping experience. My BFF, Bella-Mella inspired me this week with her blog about the fashion show and the comments about her new "flats" which I was rather shocked to see on her feet (same size as mine - 7 to 7 1/2). As long as I have known my dear friend I can't say that I have EVER seen her wear flats unless you count the time we went to Blizzard Beach. Heels just weren't practical that day but if they would have been you can bet she would have worn her beloved wedges. Any who, I have been on the lookout for a chic pair of walking, shopping, standing, styling shoes for a while now and decided to take myself to the mall in search of the perfect pair. After two and half hours and endless possibilities I came across these lovely brown suede and cream mesh Aerosoles.
Don't you just love the way the sole is slightly "wedged"? Gives a short girl like me a little lift but still feels like I'm walking on air. More stylish than tennis shoes / sneakers and WAY more comfortable than heels. They even have GREAT arch support and that's important to me because my arches look like the Sunshine Skyway bridge! Prince Charming has always said I'm rather high in the in-step! Whatever does that mean???

Here are my way-too-cute shoes on my not-so-cute feet! Is that a little puffiness I see in my right foot? Oh, I better prop my feet and way-too-cute shoes up for a spell.

Ahhhh! That's more like it! Shopping for shoes can be hard work but remember Cinderella's wise words. "The right shoe can change a girl's life."
Oh - see the bag in the background? Well I couldn't leave the mall without swinging by the local ROSS store. Talk about FAVOR! I have had my eye on some new window treatments at Bed, Bath & Beyond but to buy everything needed to redo my windows in the living room and dinning room would cost more than I care to pay at this time. As I breezed through the aisles at my favorite ROSS, I found the EXACT thing I wanted for only $9.99 per panel! The valance was only a whopping $3.99!!! An incredible savings of over $250!!!!!
Stay tuned to see my windows get "dressed" for CHRISTmas!

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  1. Love the shoes! Yay for embracing the "short-ness"!
    'Can't wait to see your windows in their Christmas dress.