Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deck the Halls...and everything else too!

We are well on our way now! The dinning room has been readied along with the Media Room and yesterday I finished our family room. I decided to use a color scheme of Green, Gold, Silver and Ivory with brown accents. Last year the colors for this room was Bronze, Orange, Gold and Brown. I shared in an earlier post that I was having the family room painted pear-green (thanks Mel for the color suggestion) and so with that in mind I decided that our CHRISTmas decorations needed a fresh update. See the ANGELS on the mantle? Each one is 25" tall and made from tin. The angels have been painted in a fashion that makes them look "aged" and rustic. They are part of the my Home Interiors CHRISTmas line. I just love them. I had them pointed with their trumpets turned in, but Prince Charming liked them better this way so... Here (pictured above) I've created another reflections tablescape to go along with our Open House theme. I plan to add some fresh magnolia leaves to this arrangement as we get closer to the party and to CHRISTmas.
The mantle is always fun to decorate. I usually keep my mantle dressed for each season but CHRISTmas is when I can go all out. This year I started with an evergreen garland and wired it with clear twinkle lights. Next, I wired in ornament balls in green, gold, silver and white. I finished the garland by tucking in ivory velvet poinsettias and gold spray-painted elm leaves and twigs from the yard. Magnolia leaves will be tucked in as we get closer to the Open House and to CHRISTmas

Here is another close up of the coffee table-scape. I think it needs a little more gold. What do you think? I'd love to hear your input.
I collect SANTAS. Below is a picture of just a few. This started the first year Prince Charming and I were married. I usually try to get one per year. Now that family and friends know that I collect these jolly souls, I usually receive one or two as gifts. That works for me...the more the merrier. I have 9 SANTAS displayed in the family room this year. The rest will be on display throughout the house. Well, we have only 37 days to go! My goal is to have all of my CHRISTmas decorations and shopping finished by November 25th! That will give me a full month to enjoy family, friends and to reflect on the real reason we celebrate at this time of the year - JESUS! Don't forget to wish Him a Happy Birthday. I think I might bake Him a birthday cake this year. That might be a new family tradition.


  1. Sure wish we could be at the Christmas party!
    I'm loving the green walls and l.r. furniture you moved here.
    Looks gorgeous!

  2. Looks wonderful! I am thankful for you too!! cant wait tell next week. Love you